Pooltrekking Medical

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Pooltrekking Medical is the first pool treadmill designed to walk and run into a swimming pool for a rehabilitation treatment.

The interchangeable barriers will allow customization to suit your the patient needs, in the front or at the sides

The Pooltrekking Medical is designed for intensive use in swimming pools for individual and group sessions. It can be used for personal training, professional fitness and rehabilitation. The future of group activities in the pool is definitely turned towards the use of aquatic treadmills.

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The treadmill is extremely stable. Robust, it requires very little maintenance.

Put a treadmill in your pool!


  • This device is indicated for the legs mobility recover, using it since the beginning of the rehabilitation up to the total muscular strength recover.
  • The progressive and continued water resistance falls upon the movement speed and the physical resistance.
  • Weightlessness and water resistance will help the patient to keep balanced while he walks or runs.
  • Because of the wayward water resistance and with no impact when walking and running in the water, we can considerably reduce the patient’s rehabilitation.
  • The water resistance balances the strength between the two legs, the water will determine that the weak leg sets the rhythm and helps to balance the strength of the other one.

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