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Is the new bike of POOLBIKING, specially conceived for resort hotels. It is a solid bike, easy to use, light-weight and silent transportation, prepared specifically for seawater.

It incorporates an advertising plate or front banner that allows to place and promote the name of the hotel while being visible in all the photos or videos that customers make while the fitness activity takes place.

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The most advanced aquatic bike. Its progressive resistance (F.P.R.) and its anatomical pedal to be used barefoot are the innovating elements.

Hydrodynamic and biomechanical researches have made possible the conversion of this progressive movement into a high quality isotonic work. Anyone, regardless of his physical condition can benefit from poolbike use.

It has also been found to have better results with non-regular fitness users. It is suitable for weight loss, physiotherapy and people with arthritis, rheumatic diseases, varicose veins, cellulite, and in general, to improve fitness conditioning.


  • To the advantages of cycling in water we shall add the emotional benefits of playful group training.
  • ·For all users regardless of their physical condition. Valid for use at the beach or salt water pools.


  • · Rubber wheels with stainless steel bearings for a fast, comfortable and silent transport.
  • · Sacrificial anode specifically designed to provide maximum protection in salt water pools.
  • · PVC front support to customize the bike with the hotel's name.
  • · Quick label change system.
  • ·Reinforced build for intensive or professional use in AISI 316L stainless steel with electro polished protective treatment.
  • ·Large stainless steel watertight bearings on central pedalier.
  • ·The only system that guarantees a perfect rotation.
  • ·Adjustable EVA fungicide rubber pedal which adapts to any foot size is extremely comfortable to use barefoot.
All other features are common to model VERACRUZ.

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