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Is the first elliptical training device with variable resistance built for professional use in pools.

Hydrodynamics and biomechanical research have allowed the conversion of water resistance into a continuous and progressive elliptical workout.

The lack of weight in the water allows a full and free-of-pressure knees and joints movement.

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  • Anyone, regardless of its physical condition. We find better results with non-regular fitness users.
  • It is suitable for weight loss, physiotherapy and people with arthritis, rheumatic diseases, varicose veins, cellulite, and in general, to improve fitness conditioning.
  • Elliptical movement is like everyday exercise: walking, climbing stairs and slopes, reaching objects… resulting in a very comfortable and natural work out.
  • In fitness and sport centers, elliptical machines are the most popular.
  • They allow a cross training, exercising upper and lower body without impacts and with a high calorie consumption; strengthening significantly the abdominal area.

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