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A Pool Bicycle for exclusive use on the beach, includes special wheels for easy transport and support platforms for the sand.

Hydrodynamic and biomechanical researches have made possible the conversion of this progressive movement into a high quality isotonic work. Anyone, regardless of his physical condition can benefit from poolbike use.

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It has also been found to have better results with non-regular fitness users. It is suitable for weight loss, physiotherapy and people with arthritis, rheumatic diseases, varicose veins, cellulite, and in general, to improve fitness conditioning.


  • The advantages of cycling in water must be added to the own benefits of seawater. Suitable for people with circulation problems, varicose veins, overweight or just for the pleasure of pedaling in an idyllic setting.
  • Suitable for flat beaches or with gently sloping and little swell.
  • POOLBIKING is an excellent tool of cardiovascular exercise, joints do not have pressure, avoiding hurt.
  • The consumption of calories is higher than 500 cal/h. The continuous resistance of water increases the muscular work.
  • There are more and more aquatic areas in fitness centers to decongest the cardio halls.
  • POOLBIKING gives the best tools of cardiovascular exercise adapted to the use in pools.


  • It has a stainless steel platform on each foot for stability in the sand and two large diameter wheels for easy transport.
  • Reinforced build for intensive or professional use in AISI 316L stainless steel with electro polished protective treatment. Large stainless steel watertight bearings on central pedalier.
  • The only system that guarantees a perfect rotation. Adjustable EVA fungicide rubber pedal which adapts to any foot size is extremely comfortable to use barefoot.

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