Pool Fittings

Pool Fittings

The category of pool fittings includes anything which is part of the actual pool shell, in the floor, walls or immediate pool surround. Pool fittings are usually selected during the construction or refurbishment of your swimming pool although some items may need replacing due to damage or failure. This includes:


  • Ladders & Rails

    Ladders & Rails

    How swimming pool users get in, out and navigate around a pool needs to be given careful consideration. Installation of correct ladders, grab rails and hand rails will ensure users safety is kept a priority. We supply the full quality range which meet with all the safety standards.
  • Suctions & Returns

    Suctions & Returns

    Suctions and returns control how and where water is removed from the pool and subsequently returned to the pool after treatment and heating from the pool plant room. The right fittings are critical in providing the correct flow rates for your pool to maintain the health and safety of the pool water.
  • Lights


    Swimming pool underwater lights enhance the look and feel of your swimming pool and helps ensure you can see how crystal clear your water is. Light technology has evolved greatly in recent years with the event of energy saving LED technology. Given that pool lights spend most of there life underwater it is essential you install lights which are suitable. We supply a wide range from halogen and Led through to fibre optics.