Commercial Pool Cleaners

Swimming pool cleaners which are more suited for use on larger commercial swimming pools.

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  1. Dolphin Wave 20

    Excl. Tax: £1,355.75 Incl. Tax: £1,626.90

    The ingenious Dolphin W20 is a commercial robotic floor cleaner with a unique selling point - it works in pools with just 20cm / 8ins water depth! The Dolphin W20 expertly cleans toddler and paddling pools featuring any surface and standard or beach entry up to 15m in length.

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  2. Dolphin Wave 50

    Excl. Tax: £1,856.25 Incl. Tax: £2,227.50
    The Dolphin wave 50 is a true workhorse. For pools up to 15m (50ft), this heavy-duty automatic pool cleaner thoroughly cleans the floor, walls and water line and leaves the water sparkling clean. Learn More
  3. Dolphin Wave 100

    Excl. Tax: £2,454.38 Incl. Tax: £2,945.26

    Heavy-duty professional cleaner for pools up to 20-25m in length.

    Highly efficient fully automated cleaning for hotel, campground and school pools. The advanced gyroscopic system ensures accurate scanning for systematic coverage of floor, walls and waterline.

    High capacity filtration space captures dirt, dust and all other types of debris,leaving clean and hygenic water throughout the cleaning cycle.

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  4. Dolphin Wave 300 XL

    Excl. Tax: £7,420.88 Incl. Tax: £8,905.06

    The Dolphin Wave 300 XL delivers top-of-the-line pool cleaning for large commercial pools and for Olympic centers, water parks and other sites with professional pools 25-60m (82-197ft) in length.

    Designed to meet the challenging cleaning requirements of the biggest and busiest pools, Dolphin Wave 300 XL is packed with advanced features.

    With its sophisticated, programmable scanning controller, advanced navigation system, active brushing, and high-capacity, multi-level filtration system, this highly automated robot excels at heavy-duty dirt collection and delivers the best end-to-end cleaning performance in its class.

    It works efficiently and effectively in any large pool, regardless of shape or type, including beach entry pools and pools with sharply sloping floors.

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4 Item(s)