Pool Cleaners

Pool Cleaners

Keeping a swimming pool clean and free from drebris can be a time comsumimg process. Automatic pool cleaners can take care of keeping your pool floor,walls and water line clean giving you time to do other things. We supply a wide range of cleaners to cater for all shapes, sizes and types of pool


  • Electronic Cleaners

    Electronic Cleaners

    Fully automatic computerised pool cleaners, automatically diagnoses the size and shape of your pool and clean your pool with variety of suctions, brushes, jets and filters in best possible time. There's a wide range available catering for all types and sizes of swimming pool.
  • Suction Cleaners

    Suction Cleaners

    Automatic suction based pool cleaners, work directly off a pools vacuum point or skimmer and clean your pool without any additional power utilising your pumps suction. There's a wide range of suction cleaners available from many suppliers.