Fitness & Recovery

Fitness & Recovery

A swimming pool is one of the best places to improve your fitness or to recover from injury due to weightlessness and low impact properties pool water provides. We provide the very latest in pool fitness and recovery equipment


  • Pool Bike

    Pool Bike

    POOLBIKE was born with the idea of becoming the best manufacturer of aquatic fitness machines. Thanks to a committed team they achieved there challenges with the most advanced range of machines. The Poolbike team work closely with doctors, physical therapists, sports men and professionals; to develop the best biomechanics applied to water and get the best results in rehabilitation and sports enhancement.
  • Pool Trekking

    Pool Trekking

    Pool Trekking is an underwater treadmill for swimming pools, used in fitness and recovery environments the underwater system eliminates the impact associated with standard treadmills. These treadmill systems are extremely stable, robust and require very little maintenance. Some of the Pooltrekking treadmills can be folded for easy storage out of the water. The Pool Trekking systems are perfect for sports injury rehabilitation and sports enhancement