Pool Equipment

Pool Equipment

PoolGear supply the full range of swimming pool equipment to domestic & commercial swimming pool and leisure establishments. We only sell pool equipment which we have experience of using and have faith in the companies who supply them.


  • Pool Cleaners

    Pool Cleaners

    Keeping a swimming pool clean and free from drebris can be a time comsumimg process. Automatic pool cleaners can take care of keeping your pool floor,walls and water line clean giving you time to do other things. We supply a wide range of cleaners to cater for all shapes, sizes and types of pool
  • Diving Boards & Slides

    Diving Boards & Slides

    Slides and diving boards bring fun to any swimming pool, making sure you get the right ones for your pool will minimise any possible injuries to its users.
  • Competition Equipment

    Competition Equipment

    Our range of competition accessories: • Starting blocks. • Float lines and floats. • Float line anchors and other accessories. • Float line storage solutions. • Backstroke flags and false start lines. • Turning panels.
  • Safety Equipment

    Safety Equipment

    Swimming pool safety equipment is an essential part of any commercial or domestic swimming pool. Pool Gear can supply a wide range of safety products to help improve your swimming pool safety.
  • Fitness & Recovery

    Fitness & Recovery

    A swimming pool is one of the best places to improve your fitness or to recover from injury due to weightlessness and low impact properties pool water provides. We provide the very latest in pool fitness and recovery equipment