Swimming Pool Automation

Swimming Pool Automation

Staying in control of a swimming pool plant room requires constant monitoring and can be a time consuming process, be it backwashing your filter or maintaining your PH and dosing levels. Automated pool systems eliminate these problems by taking care of all the systems making sure they are all functioning properly and can even keep you notified of any problems via email. Swimming pool automation is now becoming a reality whereby you can monitor your pools condition and make changes remotely via any smart device.


  • IntelliPool Automation

    IntelliPool Automation

    The IntelliPool automation system controls Filtration, heating, lights, any type of sanitizing Cl dosing, salt chlorinator, Ph control pump. Remote Access using SmartPhones or Internet allows you to monitor and control your pool anywhere and anytime.
  • Besgo Backwash Valves

    Besgo Backwash Valves

    A besgo automated backwash system remove the need for manual back washes. No more turning pumps on and off, losing suction and moving valves... the Besgo replaces traditional valves and changes the path of water from filtration to backwash automatically. A control panel is available for automatically scheduling backwash frequency
  • Swimming pool dosing systems

    Swimming pool dosing systems

    Swimming pool chemical dosing systems automatically test and dose your swimming pool making sure all the dosing levels are maintained within the parameters a user specifies and are suitable for domestic, school, leisure club & spa pools. All units are board mounted, easily installed and come complete with a fitting kit.