Pumps & Filtration

Pumps & Filtration

The pump and filter are the work horses for any swimming pool, constantly circulating and filtering the pool water to help keep it clean and healthy. The correct flow rates are essential to maintain the turnover of the entire volume of any pools water.


  • Swimming Pool Pumps

    Swimming Pool Pumps

    A pump is at heart of any plant room and soley responsible for circulating water from the pool through the plant rooms filtration, treatment and heating equipment and then returning it to the pool. The correct pump size is essential for keeping a pool healthy.
  • Swimming Pool Filters

    Swimming Pool Filters

    Swimming Pool Filters trap any dirt or debris by passing the water through a medium (usually sand/glass). Once filtered the pool water can be heated and treated.
  • Swimming Pool Filter Media

    Swimming Pool Filter Media

    Using the correct filtration media can make a huge difference to the clarity of your pool water.