Air Handling

Air Handling

The provision of a pleasant environment for bathers is critical when designing an indoor pool or spa bath facility. A heated pool, or spa bath, will produce significant amounts of condensation and increase humidity levels drastically. Unchecked, serious damage to fixtures, fittings and the fabric of the building will take place, and the atmosphere within the building will become very unpleasant for bathers. It is essential that any excess moisture is removed from the hall before it can cause any damage; and also that the humidity level is regulated to ensure that water vapour cannot penetrate the walls and ceiling.


  • Non-Ducted Dehumidifiers

    Non-Ducted Dehumidifiers

    Non ducted dehumidifiers provide pool hall dehumidification suitable for small swimming pool halls, spa baths, swimspas. These units do not require fabricated ductwork systems
  • Ducted Dehumidifiers

    Ducted Dehumidifiers

    These systems help maintain the correct humidity levels within a pool hall. Humidity provides latent energy, which can be recovered, and recycled, providing heat for pool water and pool halls, making systems extremely eco-friendly as well as cost effective. It has been calculated that for every 2kW of power supplied to one of these units, as much as 3.5kW can be recovered.