Plant Room

Plant Room

The plant room is the most important part of any swimming pool, installing the correct equipment in your plantroom will help maintain a safe and pleasant environment for all users.

If you are simply replacing like for like or you have had your poolroom correctly designed then click to buy your equipment.

If however you have any concerns about what is the correct equipment is for your pool or, your require a full re-design then please contact us and our pool experts will be able to guide you through the process.


  • Pumps & Filtration

    Pumps & Filtration

    The pump and filter are the work horses for any swimming pool, constantly circulating and filtering the pool water to help keep it clean and healthy. The correct flow rates are essential to maintain the turnover of the entire volume of any pools water.
  • Heating


    Keeping a swimming pools water warm and comfortable for users can be achieved with a wide range of equipment. The equipment suitable for your pool will depend on the size, type and location of the pool and plant room. If you need help choosing the correct equipment for you pool please call and one of our technical sales engineers will be happy to help.
  • Air Handling

    Air Handling

    The provision of a pleasant environment for bathers is critical when designing an indoor pool or spa bath facility. A heated pool, or spa bath, will produce significant amounts of condensation and increase humidity levels drastically. Unchecked, serious damage to fixtures, fittings and the fabric of the building will take place, and the atmosphere within the building will become very unpleasant for bathers. It is essential that any excess moisture is removed from the hall before it can cause any damage; and also that the humidity level is regulated to ensure that water vapour cannot penetrate the walls and ceiling.
  • Swimming Pool Automation

    Swimming Pool Automation

    Staying in control of a swimming pool plant room requires constant monitoring and can be a time consuming process, be it backwashing your filter or maintaining your PH and dosing levels. Automated pool systems eliminate these problems by taking care of all the systems making sure they are all functioning properly and can even keep you notified of any problems via email. Swimming pool automation is now becoming a reality whereby you can monitor your pools condition and make changes remotely via any smart device.