BCN03 Float Line 25M

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BCN03 Float Line 25M
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Developed and patented by AstralPool for the 2003 Swimming World Championships, the new BCNO3 float line model is a significant technological breakthrough in competition swimming pools as it obtains maximum absorption of the waves created by swimmers, helping the water surface to be as perfect as possible.

Biomechanical tests results carried out by the Applied Hydrodynamics Institute (INHA) in July 2003 found:

[1] BCN03 float lines reduced waves in inner lanes by 80%. The wave caused by a swimmer when moving is practically absorbed, without causing noticeable reflection effects.

[2] The BCN03 lane lines absorb up to 50% more waves than conventional models.

Each float line has an interior mechanism consisting of 24 turbines distributed on six axles.

The wave of water makes the turbines turn, turning the kinetic energy into mechanical energy, which is then dissipated by friction, thus preventing it from continuing into the next lane.

Each turbine can turn freely on its axis and the entire float line can also turn around the cable.

An economy version of the BCN03 is available without the interior turbine mechanism.

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