Astral BCN03 Starting Block with side handles

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The BCN03 Starting block, developed and patented by AstralPool for the Swimming World Championships held in Barcelona in 2003 :

  •  Allows the swimmer to adjust the angle of the platform by hand. They can choose the angle most suitable from the available 0º, 3º, 6º and 10º. The regulations of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) (FR2.7) allow an angle of between 0 and 10º on the starting platform. So far, all the starting blocks on the market have consisted of a fixed unadjustable platform.
  • Adjustable side handles - The swimmer can change their position easily, leaving them up or down as they see fit.
  • Furthermore, an economy version of the BCN03 is available without adjustable side handles and a fixed 6° platform.
  • The starting block is manufactured using AISI-316 stainless steel.
  • The standard starting platform can be dismantled to enable assembly of the Omega electronic timing system. It can also be adapted to other timing systems to order.
  • The platform is 550mm long x 500mm wide, with a polished finish, and 437mm high. Ideal for installation in a swimming pool with side walls.
  • Anchoring for installation in concrete is also included.

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