30kW Thermalec Electric Heater (3 phase only)

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Economy through efficiency
• Does not require regular cleaning or descaling
• Running cost will not increase with time
• Thermal efficiency for life
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  • The unique spiral flow of water through the Thermalec® heater promotes efficient heat transfer, minimises scaling of the elements and the build-up of sediments. This prolongs the service life of the unit.
  • The internal design of the heater prevents the direct impingement of cold pool water onto the heating elements, reducing thermal shock and further extending service life.
  • If air gets into the heater, the unique internal weir and baffle arrangement ensures that the air is channelled harmlessly across the top of the heater and across the unheated ends of the elements. This avoids possible element burnout and thermal inefficiency due to wastefully heating air.
  • The high sensitivity and low operating differential of the control thermostat in a Thermalec® pool heater allows accurate control of the pool water temperature to within 1 C°.
  • A highly reliable and sensitive safety thermostat is used in Thermalec® heaters. This protects the heater from overheating, adding to its longevity. A Thermalec® heater is not fitted with a flow switch. These are prone to malfunction in swimming pool applications, threatening the reliability and service life of the elements.
  • Any unexpected temperature rise within the heater is rapidly detected by the thermostats and the heater immediately shuts down. If the main pool filtration pump stops for any reason, the heater automatically shuts down. Safety is ensured at all times.
  • The electrical control and safety systems in a Thermalec® pool heater use high grade components and are carefully designed to safeguard pool users and protect the unit itself.
  • The “Deluxe” model of the Thermalec® pool heater provides pool filter pump control, heating period programming and an innovative power boost facility. Provides economic pool heating and enhanced functionality along with filter pump control, all in a single package.



The construction of the heater is solid and robust, to ensure years of safe and reliable service. The contact materials are highly resistant to corrosion from pool chemicals.

Thermalec® pool and spa heaters can safely be used with sea water pools as well as in demanding applications such as Hydro- and Thalasso- therapy.

The heating elements are always submerged in water. Any air bubbles entering the heater pass through it above the water and across the unheated parts of the elements, preventing any damage to the latter. The patented weir and baffle system inside the heater causes the water to flow through it in a spiral. This increases uniformity of the water temperature inside the heater and prevents direct impingement of cold water onto the elements.

The spiral flow regime of the water inside the heater discourages scale formation, extending element life. The heaters have no flow switch. These are notoriously unreliable. Any air bubbles passing through the heater will cause any flow switch to make and break repeatedly in rapid succession, causing the contactors to do the same, thus shortening their life.

Heaters with higher operating differentials are likely to allow the pool to cool to an uncomfortably low temperature before switching the heating on. As a safety precaution, the heaters are provided with an interlock relay, which has to be connected to the filter pump control circuit.

The heater will not operate unless the interlock is wired and the filter pump is energised. Status indicator lamps on front of panel to facilitate troubleshooting and diagnostics. Thermalec® pool and spa heaters have a two-year guarantee.

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