Certikin Finned Heat Exchanger 100,000 BTU (30kW)

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This is a 100,000 BTU Heat Exchanger (30kW) made from 316 Stainless Steel.

Highly Efficient.
Requires no maintenance.
Welded Construction.
Compact Design.
Wall Mounted to assist in space saving.
Thermostat pocket incorporated into the heat exchanger.

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The Certikin Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger is used to obtain the most economical installation for swimming pools, koi pond and solar heating. It is linked to a standard boiler so that heat is supplied and transferred to the pool via the heat exhanger when it is not required for the house.

Your heat exchanger should be sized according to your swimming pool capacity, situation and boiler output, the stainless steel heat exhangers are manufactured in 55, 100, 130, 170, 230 and 460 thousand B.T.U maximum output.

These heat exchangers all have a pocket incorporated at the top of the unit into which the probe of the thermostat can be inserted to sense the pool water temperature and maintain your selected pool temperature. If you would rather locate the thermostat sensor probe elsewhere, a stainless steel pocket can be supplied which can be installed at any point in the pool return line.  Please note that a thermostat and separate pocket are not included, we recommend the Certikin Digital Thermostat (see related items below).

The advantage of a stainless steel heat exchanger is the lack of any subsequent maintenance, in addition, the compact design takes up very little space when wall mounted.

1.5" Female thread composite unions are required to install this heat exchanger, see related items below.

For Certikin Finned Heat Exchanger female thread composite unions are required - 11/2” for HESPA, HE100, HE130, HE170 & HE230. 2” required for HE460.

Please note this heat exchanger is not suitable for saltwater pools.

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